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I do not have a degree in economics, finance, or investing.  I do have a strong quantitative and analytical background.  I am capable of writing advanced Excel formulas and coding complex Fortran computer programs.  I am passionate in my personal research, which generally focuses on establishing an in-depth, objective understanding of Short-Term VIX Futures ETPs.  I trade many of these products on a regular basis.

My publications on the Seeking Alpha website are generally limited to topics for which quantitative and analytical accuracy are essential.  I typically refrain from publishing opinion pieces on topics that are foreign to my personal areas of expertise.

Publications on Seeking Alpha

David Easter, “The New SVXY: How Will The Revised ETF Perform Compared To ZIV And To The Old SVXY?“, published March 2, 2018, Seeking Alpha.   180302  [Awarded “editors’ pick” designation.]  An Excel file containing calculated SVXY 0.5 indicative prices can be downloaded by clicking Calculated SVXY Lite Prices.

David Easter, “Have Confidence that You Can Retire Without Changing Your Lifestyle:  Here’s How“, published February 22, 2017, Seeking Alpha.  170222  [Awarded “editors’ pick” designation.]  The supporting Excel file can be found at the bottom of this page.

David Easter, “The Long-Term Price Action of XIV:  It’s More than Just Contango“, published January 27, 2017, Seeking Alpha170127

David Easter, “A Quantitative Strategy for Trading Inverse Volatility:  Cycle 12 Update“, published November 29, 2016 as an Instablog Post on Seeking AlphaBlog 03 112916

David Easter, “Why XIV Appreciates In Value: Debunking The Myths And Misconceptions About Contango“, published March 17, 2016, Seeking Alpha.  160317   [Awarded “editors’ pick” designation.]  The supporting Excel file can be found at the bottom of this page.

David Easter, “XIV or ZIV?  New Perspectives Following 6 Months of Elevated Market Volatility”, published January 27, 2016, Seeking Alpha160127

David Easter, “VIX Short-Term Futures ETPs:  Do They Live Up to Expectations?”, published January 25, 2016, Seeking Alpha160125

David Easter, “Assessment of a Quantitative Strategy for Trading Inverse Volatility 15 Months Later”, published January 11, 2016, Seeking Alpha160111

David Easter, “How Volatility and the Roll Yield Contribute to the Price Action of VXX in Different Market Environments”, published June 5, 2015, Seeking Alpha.   150605  [Awarded “editors’ pick” designation.]

David Easter, “Why VXX Loses Value Over Time:  Another Look”, published May 28, 2015, Seeking Alpha.   150528 [Awarded “editors’ pick” and “must read” designations.]

Two Instablogs Related to October 2014 Article:  Instablog 1 [Blog 01 101714] and Instablog 2 [Blog 02 102014]

David Easter, “A Quantitative Strategy For Trading Inverse Volatility With Impressive Backtested Results”, published October 10, 2014, Seeking Alpha.   141010

Supporting Excel File for “Why XIV Increases in Value:  Debunking the Myths and Misconceptions About Contango”

Read This Word File BEFORE Downloading the Next File

Precise SPVXSP Analysis

Supporting Excel File for “Have Confidence That You Can Retire Without Changing Your Lifestyle:  Here’s How”

Retirement Calculator

Instructions you need for using the file are documented in the text of the article.  Formulas in the spreadsheet have been tested and are believed to be correct.  However, I cannot guarantee that the file is absolutely bug-free.  If you identify any issues where the calculations do not correspond to information provided in the article, please contact me by email and describe the suspected problem.  With the exception of input cells, the remainder of the worksheet is protected (no password) to prevent accidental deletion of formulas.


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